The fourth-generation Octavia sees the introduction of several new assistance systems, some of them are making their debut in a ?koda model. The new Collision Avoidance Assist supports the driver by actively increasing the steering moment in the event of an impending collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or another vehicle - ideally preventing the accident with a controlled evasive manoeuvre. At junctions, Turn Assist can detect oncoming traffic at an early stage when turning left, warn the driver or even automatically stop the vehicle. The Exit Warning system lets the driver know if another vehicle or a cyclist is approaching from behind when opening the car door. Another new feature is the local Traffic Warning function, which automatically warns of traffic hold-ups in the car's immediate surroundings, such as the end of a traffic jam. Many other assistance systems are making their debut in the Octavia or have been updated. Area View provides an overview of the car's immediate surroundings when parking or manoeuvring. Side Assist warns the driver of vehicles approaching from behind or that are in the car's blind spot up to 70 m away, thus also effectively helping to prevent potential accidents on motorways and dual carriageways. In the city, Front Assist including Predictive Pedestrian and Cyclist Protection warns of a potential collision visually, acoustically and by gently applying the brakes, and automatically slows the car down in an emergency.