Lamborghini Squadra Corse?s track-only hypercar, the Lamborghini SCV12, has completed its development programme and is now ready to hit the track for its world première, scheduled for summer 2020. Fitted with the most powerful V12 naturally aspirated engine from Lamborghini to date, the SCV12 ? designed by the in-house Lamborghini Centro Stile ? is capable of exceeding 830 hp thanks to aerodynamic supercharging at high speed. The SCV12 benefits from Lamborghini Squadra Corse?s GT motorsport expertise, using its racing experience to produce increased aerodynamic efficiency and higher downforce levels than a GT3 car. The SCV12?s front bonnet has a double air intake and a central rib directing airflow to the ram-air intake scoop located on the roof. This directs dynamic air pressure created by the car?s movement to increase static air pressure in the engine?s intake manifold, creating greater airflow through the engine and increasing power. The car?s clear track intent and aerodynamic efficiency is further enhanced by the prominent splitter at the front, lateral flicks and vertical fins on the side sills, while at the rear is a custom-built carbon fibre rear wing.