French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered that schools, creches and universities will be closed from Monday across France as the coronavirus spreads. In a speech outside the lyse Palace, Macron also said that over-70s should stay at home along with people who are sick. Macron stopped shot of cancelling the mayoral elections on Sunday, when France will go to the polls to elect 36,000 mayors. Also on Thursday, the EU warned that healthcare systems across Europe are at "high" risk of being overwhelmed by coronavirus as the death toll in Italy surged past 1,000 and financial markets suffered their worst losses on record. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) urged countries to begin prioritising cases to protect the elderly and vulnerable. "A rapid shift from containment to a mitigation approach is required" ahead of an expected spike in cases, it said. "The risk of healthcare system capacity being exceeded in the EU/EEA and the UK in the coming weeks is considered high." In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged anyone with a cough to stay at home for seven days but ruled out closing schools as "too early" because the UK was "about four weeks behind Italy." Although Britain has more than 500 confirmed cases, the true number infected is likely to be between 5,000 and 10,000. "This is the worst public health crisis for a generation," Johnson said, adding that "the true number of cases is higher perhaps than the number of cases we have so far confirmed with tests." "I must level with you, the British public more families, many more families, are going to lose loved ones before their time." In other major coronavirus developments on Thursday: Italy's death toll climbed to 1,016, with 15,113 cases Ireland, Turkey and Norway enter partial lockdown, shutting schools and public facilities Canada PM Justin Trudeau self-isolates after wife Sophie shows symptoms Markets endure another day of record-breaking losses Poland and Austria announce first deaths European Commission orders all non-essential workers home 75 more die in Iran, which asks IMF for a multi-million dollar loan Juventus v Lyon postponed after Rugani diagnosed with coronavirus Guinness PRO14 rugby tournament postponed EU slams Donald Trump for imposing travel ban on Schengen zone Trump limits all travel from Schengen area for 30 days President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday he is sharply restricting passenger travel from 26 European nations in the Schengen area to the United States. In a rare Oval Office address, he said the month-long restriction on travel would begin at midnight on Friday. After days of playing down the coronavirus threat, he blamed Europe for not acting quickly enough to address the foreign virus and claimed that U.S. clusters were seeded by European travellers. Italy issues fines for breaking lockdown rules Italy has tightened its lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic and has started to fine and arrest citizens who violate the restriction of movement. Euronews spoke to Lea Quartapelle (Democratic party), a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. She said the government suggests people go on leave or take vacation days off, or switch to working from home. "We've seen too many people still going around," she pointed out. "People have to stay at home. This message has been made clear," Qartapelle notes. "It is difficult in a democratic country to stop doing whatever you are doing to renounce your freedom." She added that the closure of non-essential shops should make it easier for people to determine, which of their outdoor activities are indeed essential. Italy has ordered all shops to close except for newsstands, pharmacies and grocery stories. Quartapelle admitted that it is "complicated" to enforce the rules, and said people have been arrested, citing the example of two friends from Rome and Milan who had met up in Sicily. Moreover, people have been arrested on their way to the airport in a red zone. They had intended to go on a vacation in Spain. Euronews reporter Alession Dell'Anna is on lockdown in Milan. He said it is a "proper quarantine." "We can't go out for walks. We cannot go out for a run in the park," he said. Citizens who are out on the streets have to carry a document that states why and where they are going.


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