6 Tips for Working From Home 1. Get to work early. Even if it feels jarring, simply starting your work first thing after waking up can set the tone for the day. 2. Structure your day as if you were in the office. You're your own personal manager at home. Make sure to be a good one. 3. Use meal prep to keep focused and productive. Prepare your meals at night so that you don't lose work time during the day. 4. Don't forget to interact with other humans (at a safe distance). Seeing other faces and talking to your coworkers can help keep you grounded, even if it's through a video call. 5. Use that load of laundry as a work timer. Before you allow yourself to throw a load in the dryer, use the start and finish time to help keep you on track with your to do list. 6. Plan (and take) clear breaks, and have a definitive end time. Step away from your desk when you take a break. Use an alarm to remind yourself that the work has come to en end.

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