An $18,900 alligator skin handbag made by luxury fashion brand Saint Laurent was destroyed by Australian customs officers. The woman who owned the bag failed to obtain a $50 importation permit. Officers seized the bag on suspicion of involvement in the illegal wildlife trade. Alligator-derived products are legal in Australia, however, they are closely regulated by CITES. The woman obtained a CITES export permit from France but did not obtain an import permit from Australian authorities. The handbag was destroyed and the Australian woman did not have to pay a fine over the incident. The Australian Environment Minister said the incident serves as a reminder for people to get the correct permits. We all need to be aware of what we're purchasing online as restricting the trade of animal products is crucial to the long-term survival of endangered species, Sussan Ley, Australian Environment Minister. Ley also encouraged the general public to start making more ethical fashion choices